Monday, December 21, 2009

Triangular Scissors Fob - Humbug

Update: I have just learned that this fob is also known by the name of «humbug.» Here is a tutorial on how to construct a humbug cushion.

I'm always misplacing my small scissors--hopefully this fob filled with rice will help me corral it while I am sewing. The pattern is basically a half of a hexagon with an extra triangle for the bottom.

Caution! be careful to always check before you close the blades of your scissors; otherwise you might inadvertantly cut the ribbon which attaches your fob!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Vines In French Dreams

pieces of Nancy Vine wallpaper which is no longer available

Years ago in my first house I wallpapered the dining room with this beautiful wallpaper, Nancy Vine. I had spent two days in the wallpaper store looking through every book available when at long last Nancy Vine jumped out at me and screamed, "I'm French, take me home!" I no longer have the little storybook house with the pink door, but I still have a few pieces of the wallpaper, which will now grace a paper-covered box edged with blue ribbon to use from which to sell furbelows at reenactments.

And at long last I have discovered a book on Jacobean quilting, The Graceful Garden, by Denise Sheehan, which can help me recreate the feeling of being in the sunlight in that long gone dining room,a quilt that will reach out and scream, "I'm French, take me home." The Graceful Garden-A Jacobean Fantasy Quilt by Denise Sheehan Fabrics are taken from the Moda fabrics of Aviary [3 Sisters] and Collections for a Cause--Legacy and Heritage.
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