Friday, September 25, 2009

Pretty Boxes

old stationery box in the shape of a book with ribbon ties to close it
Over the years I've admired so-called «French» boxes, some covered with papers, some with fabric. I have used this little red and blue book box to hold my reenactor sewing items. It has been a joy to acquire bone implements like my knotting shuttle, awl and bodkin. Others items were gifts like the horn fish thread winder and the beeswax heart. It usually resides in the basket I won in the «Bonne Espouse» contest at Fort de Chartres.

Rose Denim Hibiscus wallpaper from Motif
Recently I found a larger box with a tray inside on eBay--it was in terrible shape. Isn't it amazing what a little fresh wallpaper adds? This box is big enough to sit chairside and holds my latest small needlework projects.
Keep your eye out for usable treasures to recover; find an exquisite fabric or wallpaper with your favorite colors and use it to coordinate with the quilting and needlework you create for your home--years of pleasure await you …

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