Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Teaching Granddaughters to Sew

My three granddaughters, Rachel (Illinois), Eva (Minnesota) and September (Idaho) will each soon be receiving their own little «Singers», a rag doll and basic clothing for the dollies. With the gift of the Singers, I hope their mommies will teach them to sew more doll clothes and to quilt (patchwork)--after all, those dollies will need something warm to sleep under. The first item I learned to sew was a nine patch doll quilt on my grandmother's Singer treadle.

I am so thankful for the net and for other bloggers who have shared their wants and needs--if it weren't for au Fil rouge, I would not have known such a wonderful «toy» was available. And thanks also goes to the wonderful international carrier pigeon, , for bringing a worldwide garage sale (jumble, tag, flea market) to my computer screen.

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