Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Machine Piecing

whirligig2 block from The Graceful Garden Jacobean Quilt

whirligig1 block from The Graceful Garden Jacobean QuiltI'm not at all happy with the supposed 1/4" seam my quilting foot makes. Even though I was oh so careful, my first three pieced blocks did not turn out to match the dimensions that should have resulted from my careful cutting and stitching. I will be experimenting with other feet in my sewing box in hopes of finding a more accurate foot. QuiltCetera offers some tips to eliminate this problem for Tutorial Tuesday.

Flagstone block from The Graceful Garden Jacobean QuiltThe Flagstone block is one of the larger pieced blocks in the Graceful Garden Jacobean Quilt I am reproducing. The Whirligigs are one set of paired piecing. The two Poppy blocks were an appliquéd pair.

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  1. Hi Carolyn,
    I hope the tutorial helps you fix your 1/4 inch issues. :) Thanks for blogging along with us.


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