Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stitch Markers

Such a handy little thing, a knitting stitch marker, but only if I can visualize how it would be used. Prior to seeing Litla Skvis's lovely ring stitch markers, my only visualization was of little plastic safety-pins! And here is an interesting site on how to make another type of ring stitch marker.


  1. Off subject really... I've just discovered the Rouenneries fabrics and think I'm in love... do you know if they put together charm packs or layer cakes in this line? I'd like a little bit of it all!! This fabric would go so beautifully with redwork embroidery too!


  2. Yes, Rouenneries are available in charm packs, honey buns, jelly rolls and layer cakes. The cheapest place to find them is on ebay. The cheapest place for yardage is Rouenneries will work with reds and by including Rural Jardin, Lumière de Noël, and the soon coming Maison Garance, all by French General, you will never run out of colors for a palette from which to choose.


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