Saturday, January 8, 2011

Le Boutis - Ouvrage Divin

Diaporama : Le boutis, ouvrage divin - Diaporama
The diaporama speaks for itself--lovely Marseilles or Marcella quilts.


  1. Thank you for posting this - it is beautiful. I went to an exhibit of boutis at the DAR Musuem in Washington, DC, many year ago, The quilts were in cases in a dark room. Each case only lit up, with a pale green light, as it was approached. I did not not know this was going to happen and I was alone in the exhibit room so it was a little scary as the a quilt would suddenly appear in front of one, like a ghost quilt. It was an excellent way to see the quilts, though - almost an x-ray effect.

  2. You're welcome, One More Stitch. I have found some Marcella or Marseilles petticoats/jupes that I would like to display as well. Such beautiful needlework makes one want to live in white linen and cotton.


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