Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Project - SALexandre

Even though this SAL has closed, the originator has left the information and pictures of the beautiful work done by those in the SAL (stitch-a-long). I will be using 28ct Cashel linen in white and DMC #99 variegated thread in mauve. This project takes its inspiration from the hussif or housewife 18thC ladies carried in their pockets to be ready for any eventuality--they are calling it a stitcher's wallet. * You might ask why I would choose to use white: 1) money constraints--I have to use what is already in my stash [the rose linen of my needleroll will be used for the inside--so this tool will be doubly useful; 2) I will use the edge of the embroidery at the fold so soiling will be minimal; and 3) it will be in my needlebox, bourse or pocket with not in use, so it should stay clean. And as all stitchers know, NEVER touch your threads or fabrics until your hands are clean, and no hand lotion, unless specifically designed not to stain.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, yours needleroll is great! I haven't done more on mine, been busy and under a lot of stress this past week, but things are clearing up. I will stitch some more and post an update over the weekend probably.

    I love this SAL and have considered it many times but never taken the plunge. I am looking forward to seeing how yours turn out. Love your colour choices!


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